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Glitz @ Madame JoJo's, Thursday 27th July 2006, LEKIDDO - live on stage - 12 midnite

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"As I've said before, there are some shifty people in Brixton (Charlie for example). But Lekiddo, who lives up the road from JAMM (where we put on our live night THE LOBSTER POT - next night 28th Feb featuring SCREAMING TEA PARTY, STRANGE CHOCOLATE + more), and often pops down to chew the proverbial fat, isn't one of them. In fact if there was an award for nicest geezer in SW9 it would probably be sitting on his mantlepiece as we speak. He's talented too.

That's not to say that his mix of electro and rather camp club music is the sort of thing we'd normally review. Or indeed the sort of thing I would normally listen too. But it's always good to expand your horizons...

The cover shows a picture of our hero's naked manly torso, but this is no 50 Cent album. What we're talking about here is seriously positive vibes (The Dawn), pumping beats and some choice lyrics. Many Are Called for example intersperses Lekiddo's sensual singing with a chant of "rumpy-pumpy-rumpy-pumpy."

Let Me Love You All Over speaks for itself, and I would expect to hear it early in the morning on a beach in Ibiza. What's impressive on all the tracks is the production levels and Lekiddo's smooth voice. In The Disco shows that our man is a good songwriter too. "Dance, dance my lady, dance, in the disco we are not alone," is the sort of lyric I can dig.

Lekiddo, I take my hat (or should that be my shirt?) off to you." (read original)


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