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Glitz @ Madame JoJo's, Thursday 27th July 2006, LEKIDDO - live on stage - 12 midnite

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Many Are Called...

"An unexpected mix of humour, dancefloor aspiration and theatrical sensibility is always welcome and Lekiddo has surprises by the bucketful. Travelling down an alleyway usually forgotten or ignored by mainstream hip hop and dance, this CD represents a blast of invigorating freshness. Upon a foundation of programmed beats and analogue orientated sounds, our hero bravely steps into the limelight and grabs our attention with a variety of vocal styles: spoken passages, scats, barks and tuneful lyrical lines. An acquired taste, but when surrounded by the tried, tested and predictable, may Lekiddo’s light shine brightly. " (read original)


  - Keith Ames, Musicians Union

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