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Glitz @ Madame JoJo's, Thursday 27th July 2006, LEKIDDO - live on stage - 12 midnite

(blog: LEKIDDO - Lord of The Lobsters!)

Many Are Called... (single remixes) reviews

Tommy Turntables, Popstarz.org

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LEKIDDO - Lord of The Lobsters!
Many Are Called... single.

I've had the pleasure of meeting Lekiddo on a number of occasions and he's fond of crying "Let There Be Lobsters!!! whilst supporting a t-shirt laden with said crustaceans. He even calls himself 'Lord of The Lobsters'. Therefore when his CD arrived on my desk with a lobster dancing on the back I expected it to contain a recipe for seafood bisque or thermidor, instead there was a pleasantly haunting electro soul disco track with some great remixes and one hell of a voice.
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