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Glitz @ Madame JoJo's, Thursday 27th July 2006, LEKIDDO - live on stage - 12 midnite

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LEKIDDO 'Many Are Called...' www.lekiddo.com

"Lekiddo has been influenced by artist such as Funkadelic, the Scissor Sisters and Queen according to the press blurb. According to my ears he is one musical mixed up guy!
It has a very funky beat throughout and the lyrics are very out there - just listen to the multiple characters on 'This Cafe' with a lobster walking into the cafe! Excellent production and one that sounds great on headphones - opener 'Many Are Called' opens up new sounds on each listen for example.
The one drawback of this album is that it maybe too diverse for many listeners, although do perservere as their are some good tunes on here. Not quite sure on the Queen influence though... " (read original)

  - Jason Ritchie, GRTR!

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