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Submitted by Toxic Pete

Many Are Called...

"Wow! What a great album this is!! Lekiddo is something else altogether; like a head on collision between Seal, Peter Gabriel, Paul Simon and Ian Dury, Lekiddo pushes hard at erstwhile impenetrable boundaries and comes up with something extremely original and very, very tasty!
I'm almost lost for words here; 'Many Are Called...' is stunning in its whole concept. This is 'head' music' - songs and sounds to challenge even to most open-minded muso. Nothing is sacred and nothing seems safe when Lekiddo puts pen to paper. This guy's mind must be pretty weird but still he somehow manages to pull all of his massive and broad-minded resources together to come up with a magnificent eclectic of modern music. It's not actually weird but it sure is different.

As the album unfolds I can't begin to imagine what's coming up next; such is the diversity of this great piece of work. It can be dark and at the same time up-lifting, deadly serious but lightly humorous, any damn thing you want it to be really! Is 'Many Are Called...' commercial though? Well, I can see Lekiddo achieving enormous cult status rather actually than becoming a global superstar. But hey, that's cool isn't it? One thing that's for sure, this guy is clever - although there's sometimes a charming naivety in his approach, the way Lekiddo uses the modern tools of the music trade suggests that he's got a massive future ahead of him.

One of the most unusual works I've come across for a long, long time, 'Lekiddo's 'Many Are Called...' is absolutely inspired!! " (read original)

Rhythm & Booze Rating 10/10

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