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Lobsterliciously Happening Happy New Year to you ALL, hope you're keeping safe and well :-) LEKIDDO - Lord of The Lobsters! text
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Thanks for joining us over Christmas and the Festive season raising money for AMAZING charity
#SurfersAgainstSewage #SAS
with sales from my Christmas Single LEKIDDO - Lord of The Lobsters! It's Christmas (I Bet You Don't Know What I'll Bring You)
  - single cover
They're protecting our seas & beaches
against pollution & plastics

We'll know how much we've raised in March '21 with sales figures from AMAZON

I'm currently producing a an exciting NEW album

...and Lobsterliciously looking forward to seeing you again soon in this Clawsome New Year - Spreading the Lobster Love #PinchyPinchykisskiss

Meanwhile... here's LYCHEES LEKIDDO - Lord of The Lobsters! LYCHEES 
  - single cover

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Thank you ALL #Lobsterliciously
Have a #Clawsome Year 2021
with Lobster Love
LEKIDDO - Lord of The Lobsters!

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